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It is always a pleasure, and dare I say, a joy, to go in to see Dr. Price. Her staff [is] always accommodating to work within my schedule to book a convenient appointment, and when I arrive, there is little to no waiting time…Dr. Price always takes her time to talk to me and explain the process and options. I have been so thrilled with my results and have enjoyed my relationship with Dr. Price and her team.”

- Andrea K.

I was so happy with the results of my cosmetic appointment with Dr. Price. After addressing all of my concerns regarding my skin, she was able to expertly inject Botox to smooth out my forehead wrinkles. She also injected Juvederm to give me a more youthful appearance…People have continued to compliment me on the way that my skin looks!”

- Amy S.

I was very impressed with Dr. Price’s knowledge, which she has a way of delivering in a professional yet comfortable manner. My teenage daughter and I are both very satisfied patients of Dr. Price. We have begun a [regimen] suggested by Dr. Price to care for and protect our skin and have seen results in just a short time.”

- Madeline Y.

[Dr. Price] was great with my daughters and impressed upon them the importance of sunscreen which thanks to her, they are now using daily. I also had her take care of my fillers and Botox which she did a beautiful job with…The staff at the office were so knowledgeable and friendly it put all of us at ease and made us feel welcome and comfortable.“

- Shawn M.

As a mother, I dread when my kids get rashes, bumps, spots, etc…But now that we have Dr. Price in our corner, we have no qualms about dealing head-on with any and all skin issues that come into our lives. It’s a real relief to know that my kids are excited to see her… It’s so refreshing to have a dermatologist who treats kids with so much respect. They LOVE Dr. Price!”

- Theresa S.

Dr. Price made me feel confident when I sat and immediately focused on what she thought I could improve on my face since I have hormonal based acne and fine lines with fair skin. It’s important for me to look my best since I work in the image makeover industry…I now get approached by men ten years younger and feel very confident about myself…I am hooked.”

- Harlow W.

Dr. Price is a wonderful, caring doctor. She takes the time to get to know each patient, answer questions and provide great care! Her staff is also really helpful and friendly.”

- Yvette T.

It wasn’t but about a few weeks after I received my Sculptra treatment with Dr. Price that I accidentally noticed my reflection in a mirror that I quickly passed in my home. Stunned, I stopped and stared…I felt thrilled and revived…This was the best cosmetic treatment and best overall physician experience I have ever had.”

- Melissa R.

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