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Topics include chemical peels, daily care products, injectable treatments, treating spider veins and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My skin has become so dry and itchy. What can I do?

    Skin can become dry and itchy, especially during the winter months and in hot, dry climates. Using luke warm water and non-soap cleansers are helpful because the skin’s natural oils are protected. Thick creams used twice daily can be incredibly beneficial.

    If you have a persistent itch, rash or skin change, you should seek the help of a dermatologist. There are countless causes for itchy skin including eczema, allergies, poison oak, systemic disease, insect bites, fungal and viral infections.

  • What can I do to brighten my dull and uneven complexion?

    A light chemical peel is a great option for rejuvenating tired skin. Alpha hydroxy acids and other chemical exfoliants are used to loosen dead surface cells revealing a firmer more radiant complexion. Chemical peels can be used to treat uneven tone, acne breakouts and the superficial signs of aging.

  • I have heard that chemical peels are uncomfortable and leave the skin red and irritated. What will my skin look like following a chemical peel treatment?

    At SkinScience, we perform PCA SKIN chemical peels that allow for customization for each patient’s individual needs. They feature safe, but effective blends of ingredients that result in dramatic change in the skin with little to no downtime. PCA SKIN chemical peels can be performed on all skin types and conditions, including sensitive skin and rosacea. Most patients leave not red in the face, but with a healthy, beautiful glow.

  • How do I know which skin care products I should use at home?

    With so many product lines available it can be confusing to choose a group of products ideal for your skin type. We recommend PCA SKIN daily care products that are scientifically formulated using advanced delivery technology and proprietary ingredient blends to create stronger, smoother and clearer skin. Ask your dermatologist to customize a daily care regimen for the best results.

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